By Veronica

Rainbow? What rainbow?

It was sunny and warm this morning, so I thought I'd better get out for a blip while I could, before the next épisode cévénol came along. Then late in the afternoon, while it was raining, the sun came out. So I dashed outside, certain I could find a rainbow. Well, I did find bits of one, with the possibility of getting a pylon in shot, but the sun was popping in and out of the rapidly moving clouds every five seconds, and I had to keep putting my camera in my bag because it was getting wet. So that was a bit of a fail -- I deleted the few photos I took. Hence emergency vine blip from this morning!

Since it was raining, I started some bread with Eric's starter and some of the flour I bought in Cucugnan. Results tomorrow ... Meanwhile, lamb tagine simmering, and a glass of red.

PS I'm not tagging it, but spot the pylon(s) in this shot.

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