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By Diane2104

Formby Squirrels

After a very wet morning, the clouds cleared and it turned into a wonderfully sunny afternoon, so I headed to Formby in search of red squirrels. I didn't need to look far as there were plenty of characters happily playing and foraging for food in front of the visitors. Unfortunately despite them probably being quite used to people, they were very wary of dogs, and there were far too many around for my liking. They were all on leads though, which I was very pleased about but one of them just kept barking which sent the squirrels into a bit of panic. You'd think the owners would have taken it away to quieten it down, but no, they just stood there shouting at the dog to be quiet, but obviously just adding to the noise...….! I quickly moved on....
Three times around red squirrel walk and 2 hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I took nearly 200 shots, but at least three quarters were binned almost immediately. I wasn't that happy with the sharpness of most of my shots. They looked fine in the camera but when I got them onto the computer I guess I should have varied my settings a bit. Ah well, I can always go back :) 

Sorry for not catching up with all of you yet - I will get to you eventually as I am at home this week. 

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