Looking down to Glendale

MrM was playing guitar for a jazz singer at a long lunchtime gig, leaving me to my own devices for most of the day. Surprising how much I achieved in his absence!

'Music room' cleaned, lots of little household jobs done, rechargeable batteries and charger ordered, 'to do' list updated (so much to do over the next few weeks...). Even had time for a short walk around Wooler.

By the time he returned, MrM's good intentions to work this evening had dissolved altogether, and he declared his intention to check the squirrel-monitoring camera he'd left in the woods on the Common. I joined him and we walked up through the woods and, after he'd checked the camera, back by Kettle's Fort. The Blip was taken just after we'd passed the fort on the way back to the car.

A very nice meal at Milan later on - delicious, and after two courses neither of us could manage a dessert. About to relax in front of a film...

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