Beautiful plumage

Sometimes, some of these little guys sit on our chimney pot and sing to us - we can hear them quite clearly if we're in the living room at the time. They may look like brown birds from a distance, but close up it's evident that they have beautiful plumage.

Off to Alnwick this afternoon, first to pick up the tiles for the fireplace in the living room, and then to the second session of our art course. How can 3 hours pass so quickly?!
Afterwards, a meal at Carlo's. I had forgotten to pick up some cash to take with us, and was on my way to a cash machine when we were stopped by a young lady who was offering free fish and chips to anyone who would be willing to stand in the queue and be filmed for a TV show - the second season of the Heist, apparently. It would have been rude to refuse a free meal, so we did, along with quite a few other people. (The family of four in front of us had just arrived in Northumberland at the start of their holiday, and couldn't believe their luck!) MrM and I know nothing about the programme, and don't have Sky TV, so even if we get a second or two of fame, we're unlikely to know about it! But the fish & chips were good!

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