An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

You gotta have Faith...

If a picture paints a thousand words then this photo should tell you everything you need to know about this little lady.  

She is such a good baby and she giggled and laughed properly for the first time yesterday.  We are all enthralled by her.  Those alert little eyes look right into your soul and read all your secrets.  She has definitely been here before!

I can't begin to tell you the fun we are having with Faith and her big sister Anna. They are so delightful.

After breakfast they appeared with their lovely dresses on and I couldn't resist taking photos of them.  Unfortunately the background is rubbish but I hadn't prepared anything and they are both little live wires so I knew there was no time to faff around trying to set something up; it was now or never!  

Thankfully  I have managed to get photos of them that mum and dad are happy with.  I even managed to sneak a couple of impromptu family shots that I am pleased with.  They've not seen those ones yet so I hope they like those ones too.

After lunch the sky cleared and the sun came out so S & L took the girls a walk to the park.  Anna returned keen to tell me that she'd made friends with a girl on the swings.  Turns out another couple were in the park and the husband was from Kenya too.  What are the odds?!  They've been in Scotland for many years and live round the corner from us apparently.

Later the afternoon Anna and I played the memory game where you turn over cards and try to remember and match the photos on the cards.  Big mistake!  For me anyway.  I  lost big time!  I consoled myself by saying Anna has a photographic memory but I expect it's more to do with her young alert brain cells and my diminishing old ones.  We also drew pictures together, which was great fun.

Dinner then Strictly although Anna was more interested in playing David videos of Baby Shark on his iPad.  Song is now firmly ingrained in our heads!  

Anna came up on my knee for a bed time cuddle and we made plans for tomorrow which include going for a swim together (she's going to teach me how to swim apparently) followed by a manicure and some nail painting.  Should be fun :-))

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