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By arkensielphoto

Red Leaves

I have been waiting for Premier Kitchens and Bathrooms to telephone today with a new date; so far nothing. I have also compiled a four page, so far document that details everything including dates, times, telephone calls and names of people visiting and with whom I have spoken. Finally this afternoon I have emailed the customer care team to ask what is happening. I have also been reading some reviews on their website and would not have gone anywhere near them if I had read these before; it seems I am not alone.
This morning I received a text from Victoria to say she needed to take Polo her cat to the vets; see the extra. Her Mum usually goes with her, but she is having a short break away with her husband. Before she left my daughter asked me to go with Victoria, in case any difficult decisions had to be made. Polo is twelve and does have problems, sometimes because she has caught a large mammal and has not digested it properly. Polo has been vomiting more than usual so a trip to the vets was in order. Her temperature was normal, but she was constipated so an enema was given. Her diet has been changed again, so hopefully she will have fewer problems.

I took today’s picture as I left Victoria’s home of these beautiful red leaves. The extra is Polo, sitting by the cat flap, Polo loves to be outside, but she was being kept in for a while so the cat flap had been locked.  

It rained all night and has been raining on and off all day, as you can see the sky looks leaden.

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