Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR


I have been trying to learn all the functions on my camera besides P, TV, AV and M which is what I normally use.   I found something yesterday that I used to make the photo I posted yesterday.   The hdr scene will take three photos at slightly different exposures and layer them to make one photo right in the camera.   Yesterday when I took the photo of the leaves I could not really tell that much difference in the photo in P mode and the hdr other than the crispness of the photo.

Today I used the same function to take this photo.  The sun was behind these bottles so I had to do some experimenting to get the highlights in the trees to show up right.   

There are some other functions on the SCN switch so I think  I will be playing more with it.   

I probably should have investigated the camera as soon as I got it two years ago!   It is easy to get in a rut when we don't experiment with new things!  

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