Ace Acer!

I've Blipped this little red Acer tree in Metheringham before. It has grown quite a bit since I first blipped it!

Last time I went to see my parents I left my mobile phone there, so I was glad to get it back today, and used it to take this shot!

Virtually as soon as I arrived there today, a migraine started! fortunately I had some Migraleve tablets with me and took them straight away with a biscuit I nicked from their cupboard. It took ages for the migraine to go off though as I had to listen to my Mother's constant whingeing. And the stuff she was complaining so bitterly about, never even happened!

Glad to escape when my Dad sent me for shopping, and glad to come home when the time came too. I got a little break then before heading off to Tesco. 

Food and washing up up now, then I can relax!

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