Don't go out while the bread is proving

I should have put the bread in the fridge. You put it in the proving basket until its doubled in size then bake it. I was surprised to see  a well risen loaf in my proving basket at the time I wanted to nip out to the post office. Perhaps if I had only nipped out to the post office  and rushed back to bake, the bread would be OK. However.... it was so very lovely and sunny, I got distracted, wandered along the river and took an age taking pictures of the fast flowing river with different shutter speeds. Then I saw some lovely autumn leaves , then some sheep , a few church pics and ............of course by the time I got back the bread had started to collapse. Too much air, it can't hold the structure. Not quite cowpat but on its way (see extra)  Good to see our old nanny R and her lovely son H. They live in Lancashire, have a holiday home in Carnforth and can pop round for tea. Maybe she's the reason our sons seem to prefer it Up North 

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