RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Neon Museum

It has taken me a couple extra days to process the images shot with my loaner Canon EOS 1Dx Mark II because my version of Adobe Lightroom does not support the RAW files from this camera. I was forced to download a trail version of some different, much less familiar software. Not as intuitive as Lightroom, not as fast either, but at least it allowed me to process the many photos I took. I had many choices from the "Boneyard" part of the tour, but preferred this shot from the Brilliant production we viewed in the adjacent park. While many of the signs in the main tour have been refurbished to their former lighted glory, these signs are totally non-functional. They are brought alive by some very high-tech lighting techniques, which was accompanied by some great old music during the half hour show. A truly memorable experience, one I highly recommend!

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