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Recent Acquisitions (Monday 15th October 2018)

Another wet, dull day. I had to go into Chippenham to get the latest edition of The Wire, with The Wire Tapper 48 on the cover to add to the 47 I have, but had hoped to get some pictures while I was there. I walked along the Avon in Monkton Park with camera at the ready but the swans and ducks were too sensible to put in an appearance in the rain, the gloom and the gloam. The light was so poor I took no pictures, until this after I returned home.

16.10.2018 (1352 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Golden Oriole - The Waxwing Slain (2018)
One of the tracks on The Wire Tapper 48 is this track by the Norwegian psychedelic noise duo Kristoffer Riis and Thore Worland which appears on their self-titled album on the Mozart Kebab label. I take it that The Waxwing Slain is a reference to the poem contained within Nabokov's brilliant Pale Fire novel.

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