I knew my GF bread had quinoa flour in it but it's never caused a problem. I've upped my intake to four slices with lunch in an attempt to get more calories. 

I don't know for sure that that's what it is because it's not the first day of doing it. Pretty certain it's the last though as it's the same old symptoms...

Nausea, sleepy, tender stomach, indigestion.

But, the good news... On the assumption that's what it was and not a bug, I've force fed dinner, have gone away in the van and fancied chocolate when I stopped at the coop for porridge (to avoid eating devil bread for breakfast.) Feeling queasy still but peckish... Odd feeling but starting to recognise it at least.

It was a good day apart from that; ticking off a fair few things, destroying my abs in Pilates and with the promise of my creation for Clyde being shared on fb rat forums. Rat forums... How's that for kudos?! 

Seriously, I’m rather touched :)

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