I'm a daily tourist. 

I once read, 'real photographers don't wear a strap around their necks. That's what tourists do.'

I wear mine with pride.

Blip encourages me out every day as a tourist - to enjoy the things around me, spot new things and explore further afield.  Today, my five year blipday has been a great excuse for another mini-van adventure.

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey; for dropping in with confetti, adding your lovely comments or simply and silently stopping by.  

I know I'm more and more of the latter. I've restricted my online time to stave off iPad addiction. My Blip browsing and commenting tends to be sporadic and erratic. For that I apologise. I still feel a part of the Blip community spirit though and hope my tourist days continue for some time to come. 

Last night, I took Little Dog to Langcliffe ready for a foggy day out at Winskill today. 

Dank first thing it was but next time she smells my tyres when I arrive home on my bike, she'll know whether I've been in this beautiful little corner of the Dales. We held out until the last minute for this break in the weather before dashing back just in time for tutoring.  We enjoyed wandering round the nature reserve, avoiding cows, admiring the erratic stones (and new blip potential), squeezing in two cafe stops and doing many circuits of this wonderful little tree. 

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