SIX: Part I

BLIPDAY! It's always a fine excuse for a blipventure! 

With Spanish taking me until after lunch, I concluded a two-day outing was in order. Today's was a jaunt to High Force waterfall, a little stroll and then feeding up.... 

...ready for Part II.

Inspired by the North Pennines, I'm back in Middleton-in-Teesdale with the ten mile downhill of last Saturday to do in reverse in the morning. I'm then heading east to see what memories it holds from some old touring days. 

Hills are the order of the day (I'm wondering if there's six but half hoping there's not!) Whatever, it'll be slow miles and cafés.

With time to myself, my mind is wandering over my own blip journey; the people I've shared time with, Blippers I've got to know and the experiences I've enjoyed (funny how the photography part is simply the catalyst). And who'd have thunked six years ago that I'd be here with a small helping hand behind the scenes?

I'm not going to miss the opportunity to say, we're in this together!  Us and Us not Us and Them.

It's been fantastic to hear from many of you already and I have to say, a real pleasure browsing your journals and swapping messages with you over the last month or so. THANK YOU! 

Your quotes, photos and stories are going down a storm but a steady stream is what we're after to keep the variety going.  So Blippers old and new, ones I know and ones I soon will, please do help Richard and me keep the waterfall flowing! 

We have a place to treasure here. 

I guess that means I’m up for another year! Roll on tomorrow...

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