By WharfedaleBex

SIX: Part II

Alan kept me company this morning on a chilly ascent towards Garrigill. At age 72, he had already impressed me with his pace uphill. When he told me he had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, I realised his tenacity to get out in his bike was second to none. He cycles up and down the Teesdale valley every time he goes out and, honestly, I can see why. There was a beautiful hanging mist, wonderful scenery and barely anything on the roads. He had a bit of trouble breathing and said he was stopping for a comfort break and I didn't need to stop. I was a bit worried, to be honest, but I kept on looking behind, relieved to see him hot on my wheels again a few minutes later. 

After that point, I didn't meet another cyclist. 

As for those six hills I was wondering about yesterday - I'd got to four before lunch and was fairly certain when I pondered in the cafe, next to a welcome wood-burning stove, there were at least another two. 

I recognised a few bits here and there from my C2C rides (mainly steep bits of hills and mining museums) and the Allenheads cafe was one I'd sat outside of on a hot sunny day. Apparently, this morning, they had had their first frost. 

The roads were phenomenal! Desolate, good quality and stupendous wide vistas of rolling Pennines countryside. Of course, the weather helped; yes, chilly but plenty of blue sky and only a headwind on the last 10 miles and not a bad one at that.

There were absolutely six hills and two, I'd say, fairly and squarely could be called two each with disturbing long downhills in the middle of them. For sure, I won't be doing an extra hill every BlipDay!

With only half a kilometre to go but the drive home, the same cafe I stopped in last week beckoned. Given I was starving on arriving home, that was a good call. 

I could see Rich in the kitchen cooking as I pulled into the drive. A quick mow of the lawn (last time in 2019 maybe?) and heaven on a plate was dished up.

Now, it's a hot soak in the bath and writing up my day.

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