Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104


Managed a quick trip to Lunt Meadows this afternoon and lucked out on the weather with the only bit of sunshine we had today being whilst I was there. 
I was hoping that my blip was going to be a short eared owl as they have apparently been showing well recently since their return. But we only got one brief glimpse of one bird and 8 deleted out of focus shots later, I resigned myself to a pair of teal instead. At least it's another one to add to my list. 
With only 10 weeks left until the end of the year it will be tough ask to get to my target of 100 different species in my main blips. That means at least 2 new birds every week - eek! But I will try my best, especially when I am at home every other week. I now have a list of unblipped birds and there are some easy ones to get yet I think. 

I think I have managed to catch up with all of your blips now - thank you for your patience. 

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