Happy 60th Birthday Blue Peter!

My tribute to my favourite programme, sitting on the top of the bookshelf. Today Blue Peter is 60, and although I didn’t watch from the beginning, it was always my favourite and once I started getting the annuals for Christmas, one of my first collections began, and continues! Sadly, I never got a Blue Peter badge, and according to their website, you can only apply for one if you are aged 6 to 15. So I’ve missed the boat on that one. I’m not sure why I didn’t try and win one as a child, but I did make a bedroom for my Woolworths Sindy doll complete with a dressing table made of matchboxes, along with other ‘makes’ using sticky back plastic. Life was so much simpler then. But the annuals, along with a couple of other BP books and a videotape, I keep out of the loft! They have pride of place in my lounge!

Work is a bit stressful. At lunchtime I had a look in the various hairdressers windows, to check out prices. I chose the smallest one, tucked away next to my favourite charity shop and booked an appointment for tomorrow lunchtime. I am desperately in need of a hair cut, so I hope they can do something with it.

Once home I sat and watched the Blue Peter 60th birthday episode which I had recorded...it was on CBBC at 5....obviously for children! But I enjoyed seeing all ‘my’ presenters, and wish the recently departed John Noakes could have been there - he was my favourite!

Now it’s bake off. We had croissants and my jam! It was lovely :) like real jam!

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