Domestic stuff...

.. and even on a work day. But there were several things I just had to do tonight, so I left work at 4.15. Monday is the only night I have the energy to do anything more than just crash out in front of the tv. The blackberry jam didn’t take long. I think I followed a recipe, but without doing exactly what it said... or having all the ingredients. I suppose that isn’t really following a recipe, is it, but it seems to have set, and it tastes jammy!!

While the boys were at the gym, I cooked dinner ( definitely no recipe for pasta bake and chicken burgers) while the jam bubbled. I have also made a birthday card and am now trying to edit a couple of mistakes in my book. It is taking a long time to upload my edited manuscript. I hope it doesn’t disappear! Once I knew about the mistake, I couldn’t leave it.

The air bed went down over night, even without anyone sleeping on it, so that won’t be coming with us at the weekend. I’m going to have to rely on a roll mat, my onesie and my ample built in cushioning for a decent nights sleep!

Work is too busy to think about, so I’m not. It stresses me. It should be ok in about 3 weeks.

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