Plus ça change...

By SooB

Kid’s drawing sky

My Tuesdays now include a rather inconvenient hour and forty-five minutes in a neighbouring town while CarbBoy and his aromatic basketball pals train. There’s usually a bit of shopping to be done, and it’s a pleasant enough town for a stroll, but it leaves a long time to fill, with not even 3G for company.

So tonight saw me parked at a church on top of a hill (good 4G) to wrestle with some tricky contract wording. Looking up for inspiration I saw this. Helped get a blip in the bag, if nothing else. Verfeil is the lumpy bit off to the right. Nice place, but watch out for the kerbs.

Edit: just saw the Booker prize result. I did not succeed in my aim to read all of them (one and a half to go - perhaps I’ll start earlier next year!) So the winner was not the one I expected, but was the one that has most stayed with me.

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