Plus ça change...

By SooB

Turtle(y gone)

There was definitely a turtle there when I lifted my phone... then he was gone. Driving day: off into Toulouse to a bit of the university (chemistry and material sciences? The name over the door was so long that they had to build out of town to fit it in) where TallGirl and classmates were having a chemistry and bio-plastics talk and lab tour (I was just one of the chauffeurs).

So while they did that, I sat in the student bar and angrily thumped out an email to a very annoying person who has amended all over my beautiful contract for no good reason. And then some calming drafting. And later a turtle (terrapin, most likely) spotting wander by a lake (drainage basin for the nearby motorway really, but it was bonny all the same).

Fun kids to have in the car, with a pretty even mix of French, German and English being spoken. Kids are smart these days.

Earlier, work; later, wishing I hadn’t made tempting fudge yesterday.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a car.

No, really.

Well, I’m going to call the impossibly accented car salesman and see if I can understand any of his words this time.

In other news: could life just stay still for a bit? There is too much going on everywhere.

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