Life Savors

By osuzanna

Tiny Tuesday

My blip mojo is nowhere to be found, as is evident from my missing blips, and is likely because I am still suffering a bit from jet lag.  No matter how tired I am, I cannot go to sleep at night without medicinal assistance.  I usually have no problem falling asleep, so I can only hope that it will eventually pass. I didn't hit a wall at any point during the day today, so I am hopeful about tonight.

I spent some time at the Dahlia gardens this morning after a doctor's appointment.  They are really at their peak and quite gorgeous. I took lots of shots, but my favorite was this one taken in the butterfly garden, on the Cosmos which are still looking beautiful too.   

So glad to be joining in with the Tiny Tuesday challenge this week, hosted by Tiny Tuesday creator, WWombat.  

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