In My Life...

By steeble


What a day I had yesterday!

First I nearly got run off the road by a learner driver on a lesson who pulled out onto a main road in front of me. I beeped my horn and slammed on the breaks.... Skidded about 6ft, only for the instructor to turn in his seat and lob the 'V's up at me. I'm fairly sure teaching road rage isn't the best way to get someone passed their test?

Then I got home to find in the post a parking fine. It was on private land(motorway services) for 4 hours. Pretty sure you don't have to pay a fine unless its from the council or the police. Anyone know?

Worse still on the fine letter they sent out it had a photo of me going into the car park and then leaving.... They were crap photos, there was too much glare from the sun behind, didn't show my cars ride height very well, wasn't even going fast enough to be a cool rolling shot. Very disappointed in them. Good job they're not on blip!

This was at the side of the road as I left a clients house, not sure what its called but there's loads over near the fells, Chester le street. So with the dramatic sky I decided to grab a quick snap.

Hope you like...

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