In My Life...

By steeble

Zombie Sheep

I've backblipped a couple of days so please take a look...


Mellow Bird?

Grey Day

Sorry... I've had a few really busy days so haven't had chance to get on here at all. Will reply and check on subscriptions as soon as I get chance. I've got a feeling thats going to be the case until Christmas now.

Following on from the luck of yesterday..... I started work at daft o'clock. Had someone mess me around with yet another appointment. So won't be doing their hair any more. In over six months I think they've lost more money in wasted time than I've made from them. That's not good business so no more.

One good thing about getting up at that zombie hour is my first client had 2 sausage sarnys waiting for me and a coffee. See I do have some pretty awesome clients too. Also whilst I was driving to my next clients house I drove past a filed full of sheep with really thick coats, all of which had frost on them and I thought it looked quite sweet and a little cute too so I turned around, parked up and out with the camera quickly.

Hope you like...

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