By OldTimer

Rape Field

What a busy day made worse by the swallows. I left the front door open and two came in. 3 hours before I finally got the second one out. Their behaviour had to be seen to be believed. I have very high  ceilings, one worked out how to fly low and out the door.  It kept coming back in and chatting to the other one and would do a circle round the room and then fly out. He would fly back and forth out side the door tryingto entice the other out. He would then come back in and repeat the procedure to no avail.
Meantime my Australian visitors arrived and they tried to help with a long mop. No that didn't work. Eventually we went to the other room and sat down to our dinner and all this drama kept on happening. I tell you it was amazing, chatter chatter chatter. Eventually it worked and she came down low enough to fly out the door.
My visitors are now off to their motel but will be back at 8am for breakfast. I feel so bad not having them staying here but have others coming for the Reunion as well and they had said they were coming to stay many months back.
 Lucky I had grabbed a shot of this distant rape field from up the road earlier in the day or there would have been no blip.

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