A New Day

By ANewDay

More Blue Skies!

Another glorious sunny Autumn day, with just a hint of a chill in the breeze when in the shade.

Went to Newburgh for our 'flu jab this afternoon and took this shot from the car again!  First time we've had to sit in a queue for it, as previously we made an appointment and turned up at a set time.  Not long to wait and then a free cup of tea and a biscuit - we never got that before:-)

As we hadn't had any lunch, we drove in to Perth and had a very nice Afternoon Tea at the garden centre (a huge improvement on the one we had the other day!)  Then it was a bit of retail therapy and home again, but we are back in Perth this evening for a concert at The Concert Hall.  It's the Russian State Symphony Orchestra with some lovely pieces, including Swan Lake.  I'll just close my eyes and imagine the dancers!

PS  Had to add this Extra, which are the reflections at the top of the stairs! Who needs a glitterball?

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