Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

The Lake House

Unfortunately, it's not my lake house ;-).  I was driving over to visit my sister and thinking about the Wide Wednesday theme of Autumn when I passed this driveway.  The cars behind me didn't appreciate me slowing down to look so I drove on and found a place to turn around.  I like the long tree lined driveway with the fallen leaves.  Because of our snow a few days ago, many of our trees have lost their leaves before they reached their full color.  Thanks, as always, to BobsBlips for hosting the challenge!

Remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).   A click on this link will take you to the Breast Cancer website.  Another click on the "Click to Give" button will help fund mammograms for those who can't afford them.  It takes less than 2 minutes and it's free, an easy way to help the cause.

I am extremely grateful that Pipersdad got a very favorable medical report today! :-)))

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