Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Creek Life #3

It is past midnight, so I'm going to keep this short. It's taken ages to choose the pictures to post as I took loads today! :)

The day started early with an OaSis meeting. We had a small group again, but that can be a really nice thing. I was glad I wasn't leading and really felt for the young lady to gave the talk, as you could see how nervous she was.

As we drove home, we were going through the possibilities of what to do next. G is off this week. We finally decided on a trip to the East Coast, but I er, fell asleep as I didn't get enough hours last night!

The sky was overcast, so we definitely wanted to be out with our cameras to capture the sunset. We headed to Al Seef. What a great idea and so good to be there again after ages! The weather is better, but it was still humid in the evening, so really hoping the next few weeks see a change in the weather.

My main blip shows the Creek and some of the changes happening. Buildings getting built, one prominent one has been painted. The pink boat came along at just the right time, so blip sorted.

The first extra is the new section of the Al Seef redevelopment. It is a hotel which is spread out over a large area with shops at ground level. I'd love to stay there if I could ever afford it! They are having a Creek Festival to the end of the year, so there were street entertainers and live musicians in various places. One of them was a young 24-year-old Dubai-based Syrian who did a rendition of Hotel California with just his acoustic guitar.

Lastly, the second extra is of the new Jumeirah Hotel built on the Creek. I'd spotted this bar in February or March when we peered through the window. It is now open, and it was amazing to see it in real life. All those redundant speakers put to use as a feature. This was a super cool place to hang out and G & I enjoyed a drink and shared a cheesecake.

That was the abridged version!

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