Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


I was laying on the floor doing some stretches when H said I should get up and look out back.  I really didn’t want to get up twice ...but am glad I did.  The sun was just coming down the power line cut in the hill behind and lifting the heavy fog.    Soon it won’t even come up that far so I’m making this the blip to remember the date.  If we didn’t have poles going up the hill, we wouldn't see that light.   Yes, that's a Swedish flag that blows when it's windy.
 That’s my lovely studio out there where I happily spend almost every afternoon.. . today I had some paints out.    I’m having a discussion with H and with myself about the photos I’m saving though…for who?  for what?  Do I really need a book of trips?  (you can tell I’m dragging my feet about the recent Utah trip…which does have some amazing images of that part of the country.)   Once again I appreciate the blip philosophy ..ONE a day,  I do save these in books.  And I do love a big resource library of images. for possible art pieces.  It’s an ongoing dilemma.  

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