Bad Hair Day

You would think these trees outside a clinic offering “the latest in laser hair removal, skin peels, acne treatments ....” would be better cared for. A rather SILLY first impression for the rich and famous who frequent them (or are they on WONGA loans?)

I will take some hair trimmers when I next pass by.

Glorious sun out there. This is getting boring. I’ll just copy and paste this paragraph tomorrow and Monday and ......

Banana bread day (well, afternoon - first a long walk down to Poole Quay, via coffee at the Dancing Goat in Penn Hill). Need one more egg. Mr B said we had enough. Wrong. Otherwise ready to go. Thanks Kate64 (she suggests 45 mns in the oven). Photo that tempted me with recipe:-

Southampton v Bournemouth today. We’ve got to keep our 6th position in the Premier League. P-l-e-a-s-e. (NB Update 0:0, but still hold on to 6th place!)

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