Summer hangs in

A small group of students relaxing happily in the sun in Horseshoe Common. Up to recently this was a bit of a no-go area (the hang out of some ‘disruptive’ elements, who should either be housed, rehabilitated or whatever is required). Fortunately the area is improving s-l-o-w-l-y, during the day at least. Some new benches and landscaping have helped, as have a couple of new popular restaurants.

After our daily coffee we walked back to the centre and bought a couple of items from Tesco.

Then PANIC. My iPhone was no more. I knew I had snapped some trees and plants on the way. And had not been in other shops, so had to have been dropped or left in Tesco. But no sign of it in Tesco. Even returned 5 minutes later to check again. Despair set in. And of course darling Mr B leaves his mobile at home, otherwise could have used it to ‘Find my Phone’.

To cut a long story short, we both forgot we’d been in Holland & Barrett. When I called my
Mobile from home the lovely young man who had served us said he had it. So mad rush to H&B to Before they closed. So really relieved and happy again.

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