the breakfast in the spirit Hotel was amazing - so amazing that I had far too much. I was not even hungry .....
Callam picked us up at 8:30 am and we drove to Budapest, which is a good 2 hours drive.
We went to our office and met with the teams then went for lunch.
To the surprise of everyone, I only ordered a salad, that was all I could face after the 3 days of indulgence.
We took far too long at dinner and decided to postpone our warehouse visit to another time.
For me it was already time to head for the airport. My flight was at 5 pm.
Zoltan ordered me a taxi and I was worried about being at the airport in time.

I asked the driver, if he could fly - he said he would try. And so he did!!
I had never such a fund and crazy taxi ride before. He was driving rally!!! 
Overtaking left and right ..... an WOW I was at the airport in time - I even had time to spare :)
I thanked the driver and suggested him to become a racing driver, when he is sick of driving taxi.
He laughed and said that he was a racing driver before he started driving taxis !! No wonder he mede it :)
I got on my flight and had 2 hours in Amsterdam before I caught the 9:15 pm flight home.
I was home before 11 pm and shattered.
Neil helped me with the cases - I had about a ton of Slovak apples in the big case. Direct from Katarina's mother's garden. Tasty apples!!

Another office view is today's blip. The city office is directly at the river.

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