Wet morning as we got 4mm of water during the night.

Again it's been a wet day for a lots of areas near us. Many areas are still flooding and about 100km. north from us they have the red alert for this evening. Once again we got some normal shower and nothing much. It's quite windy at the moment, but that's all. 

We  might get some more rain tomorrow. There's a 40% chance for that! (Usually with that % it doesn't happen.)

I might have to accept the idea that swimming is over for this "summer". The water is still around 23-25°C, but it's so windy so the waves are just too high for me to enjoy it. I'm hoping I'll get to pop into sea next week, but we'll see. The following week after that the weather will cool dramatically and I think at that point the water will do so too. Also it will be too cold to undress on the beach. I think I need to bring the floating toys from the trunk of the car into the house for winter storage.

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