It's been windy and sunny as you can see.

We are very lucky. Still flooding in many places.Ronda and Estepona have been on the news all day.

I've been mainly washing lots of laundry as it's been a perfect day to get small carpets and such dry quickly. Also washed the floors. Perfect day for cleaning.

In the afternoon we went to pick the keys for the place my FIL and his friend (who arrive tomorrow morning) are renting. The landlord is Swedish guy Lennart, who is around 80 years old. Unfortunately he's been sick and going back to hospital tomorrow with the possibility that they'll take him in. So today was the only possibility to get the keys. So, we went to his house. The community is gated like so many around here. The gate was locked. We didn't have his phone number. Our mutual friend does not have his phone number. So I climbed on the wall and saw (possibly) him sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed. Very windy, so you can't shout into the house. Can't wave hand as he's eyes are closed. So I climber over and then hubby did the same. Went to his door and fortunately he managed to come to the door. He was quite poor. His spouse was visiting someone / something, so his not all alone. But it was terrible to see him so unwell.

Life is fragile. Enjoy each day you have.

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