By HeidiHH


Gosh it's been long and busy day. I woke up at 5:30. Decided to wake up bit before 6 as I didn't feel sleepy anymore and couldn't fall asleep anymore.

I've done some sewing and cutting.
Been to the airport to get FIL and his friend.
Had a tour of groceries with them.
Done some browsing in the shop while men were looking for lost Kari (FIL's friend).
Been to an Asian restaurant for dinner. (Was very good!)
Add all the doggie walks, lunch, normal housing stuff to that...
plus trying to understand our Spanish speaking neighbor about someone who wants to take a photograph of our garden wall (that hurts my brain as it takes so much effort to understand anything of that flood of words)

And that was my day.

Oh, and tried to reach my aunt twice in Màlaga area to confirm she's okay after floods and storms, but she wasn't online. It did say she had been few hours earlier and as I didn't have more time I decided to believe that and try again tomorrow.

Now off to shower and bed. Zzzz....

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