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By Riwaka7

New Zealand Mounted Rifles- A Ride to Remember

"Rory Arnold rode in the 10th (Nelson) squadron of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles; his mother Jane described the story of his leaving for the War in 1914. “Rory waved to me as he went out our gate”, she said.
“Then I watched him ride away on his horse until he came to the spot that was the last place on the road that he could see our home. Then he turned his horse, rose in the stirrups and waved to me. I knew I would never see him again”. That last wave would have been from about a kilometre away". (Facebook page for Armistice Day event Tapawera)
Wikipedia for more history if you want it here

The NZ Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust and local group, the ANZAC Horses,were doing a Ride to Remember from Tapawera where the Nelson region training camp was, to the local war memorial at Kohatu. We arrived in time to take a few quick photos before they rode off. They left 15 minutes before the advertised time. We had our thermos with us so had a cuppa and then off to the Ngatimoti School fair. Such a bonny day and a long weekend that every man, his kid and dog was there. We only stayed an hour and then let someone else have our car park. As we drove home there were another 50 or more cars arriving. Great stuff for a school roll of about 100 children. Heaps to do and see but we had done our dash.

Extras of the horses with their Captain in the lead in various uniforms or a couple straight off the farm. And then Morris a local stalwart in his artillery uniform.

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