By Doyley22


My scout, MrD, mentioned the hang gliders were out this morning.
I was in the middle of making Thai Chicken Pies for next weekend.
How was I going to make it to the beach.  Could I leave the pies for MrD to remove from the oven?  Oh what the heck.
I was thrilled when they were still hanging about over the cliff at South Cottesloe.  There was a good norwester blowing, thankfully not too cold.
I snapped away, one guy waves, another chap had grey hair on his face! -  an oldie!  
When the sun came through the clouds and a glider passed overhead, the shadow on the sand was quite eery.  
They were still hanging about when I left although a big bank of cloud, wind and rain was about to hit.
The blip is looking south towards the cranes at Fremantle Harbour.

Oh, I might gloat now, this afternoon I played in the Golf Club's final mixed event for the year - there are only three - Joe and I won.  He played out of his skin, I did my best at hanging in there.  We'll have our name on the trophy now.  Joe was thrilled, I was surprised.

Have a great week everyone.  

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