A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Where's that music coming from?

This morning John put the Ladysmith Black Mambazo CD on that he got me earlier in the year. Eda is familiar with it as she hears it at home but it's often played on the TV on the music app.

After going to church this morning, where she was very good, we had lunch and a play before she had her afternoon nap. I put the music on again. She likes standing at cupboard doors and here she is looking in through the glass of the music cabinet as if she was looking for where the music was coming from. She's used to seeing a picture of the album on the T.V. screen. Changes in technology!
Love her with this little hair clip. Her hair is totally straight and is getting long so I spotted these on our recent trip to Riga. They are red and white to represent the Latvian flag - everything was celebrating the 100 years of Latvia next month - it is at least keeping the hair out of her eyes.

Grace went out for a run whilst Eda had her afternoon nap, John went out before breakfast as he had to leave to get the train home at 11.30. Now we are getting a roast dinner ready for all of us including son Alex. Nice to have a family dinner, it's a shame John is missing it.

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