Plus ça change...

By SooB

Ancestral home

Ok, it needs a bit of work... Ancient Mr Bs lived in this castle, but recent (say, the last 700 years) inhabitants have rather let the place go. Morning spent exploring the environs, including amusing panicky texts from TallGirl who was ‘lost in a graveyard’.

Then Omaha Beach, which was looking a lot less intimidating than in Saving Private Ryan; the cemetery, where all agreed with CarbBoy that that’s a lot of people; and a lot of driving through countryside that it was hard to imagine had ever been bestirred by war.

Then Bayeux, and an earlier conflict (no, not Mr B versus google maps). The tapestry was way more impressive than I had been given to expect. Quite apart from the scale of it, the skill in capturing life in thread (wool) was extraordinary. I bought a tea towel, but I’m not sure it quite does the tapestry embroidery justice.

On then to Caen, and a wander up to the castle (a fab open space that is free to wander about in) before a laze in the hotel and a stroll to an amazing meal (I wasn’t sure I had four courses in me any more, but I even managed food Mr B couldn’t finish, which may be a first. In other firsts, TallGirl tried frogs legs and kir royal (a sip) and CarbBoy tried a carrot (cooked).

Now back to the hotel to the tragic discovery that I left my kindle in the last hotel. #sadface #how will I sleep through the snoring?

(Last night a booking request failure that we chose to gloss over, led to us rooming on gender lines rather than the usual adult/child lines. This morning a rather grey-looking CarbBoy asked me “how do you sleep in a room with daddy?” Podcasts.)

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