Plus ça change...

By SooB

Different waves

Sword Beach today, after a look at the memorial to the piper there. A very different day to yesterday’s flat, calm, blue, sunshiny beach day: today grey, stormy and hard to stand up in. Then off to a bunker museum which was fine, and the Pegasus Bridge Museum which was fab. Mr B’s uncle flew over in a glider (but not the Pegasus Bridge ones) and it was suddenly easier to see why he was more afraid of that than anything the enemy might do! (From what we could see, they were made of balsa wood and cardboard.)

Then a trip (via an unexpectedly fab lunch stop) to Rouen which is, if I may say so, a bit over-cathedralled. Some of us were as underwhelmed by the art museum as we always are by art museums, but dinner was epic. We learned that the world looks like a cat, TallGirl doesn’t like carpaccio and CarbBoy has to stop eating all the bread.

Home for a CarbBoy invented card game that was more hilarious than anyone could have imagined. Bed for the underslept (me) jazz club for the bold (Mr B), tank construction for CarbBoy and meditation for TallGirl. Very early start tomorrow and, if all goes well with the transport craziness, Northumberland tomorrow!

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