By AnneILM60

Autumn Sage

Autumn Sage gives nice colour to the cat garden and it's pink so good for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Click here to help those that can't afford care themselves, it's free.

The extra is of the Sulphur Cosmos that have bloomed at this late date to add extra colour to the cat garden.

I went to the 7am exercise class this morning and it was great.  Think it is just what I am looking for.  I'll be going back Thursday morning.

I'll be spending the majority of today working on quilling wreaths. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!  :-) 

Oh, my Mum sent me a recipe for some peanut butter truffle pumpkins!  Guess what I'll be making a trial batch of later this week?!  :0)

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