Felting Workshop

G and I went on a felting workshop today with Keri who we also did our pottery workshop with earlier this year https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2437654437322293474

We both thoroughly enjoyed our 4 hour workshop with just the two of us, K is a lovely person and a very good teacher. It's a fascinating process, starting by laying out wool threads on bubble wrap and building up three layers of threads in different directions, starting with just a background colour and including some fancy threads in the last layer (see Extra). Then you cut out felt shapes for any specific objects needed, like my houses and poppies. The next stage is to turn it into felt by covering it with net curtain material, wetting it with a hot water and soap solution, then rubbing it with your fingers and a special tool. Then you roll it up inside a blind and roll it 100 times in each of it's 4 orientations - this was quite a workout!!! Finally it gets rinsed out to remove the soap and rolled out a bit more. 

Neither G or I had done this before and we were amazed that we could produce anything at all and they are quite big pictures for framing (if wanted) - mine is 33 x 40cm. It was so enjoyable - I love having a go at a new craft, especially with such a good teacher. 

You can see G’s felt picture (which is better than mine) here https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2501454692144385945

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