By Bom

Sunset Season

We get lovely sunsets this time of year and tonight's was beautiful (although I did put a filter on it too). 

This morning I went to my first Art Appreciation U3A meeting with J and really enjoyed it. We were talking about art that people loved or hated and why that may be. I agreed with a lot of the views, but not all - for example I love The Scream which a lot of people hated. 

Months ago I bought a bird box with a camera, but with various things being done on the house and garden it's only just been set up. So I'm really pleased to see a little bird roosting in it every night. It rests / sleeps facing the same corner in exactly the same position and is sooooo cute. It's one of the tit family - a great tit I think, but difficult to tell as it's through the infrared camera. 

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