By strawhouse

More Poetry

I found this sheet in Miss L's bag this morning. I can't wait to read her poem about a house made pf peppermint tea!!
I met Mrs A at the garden centre for breakfast this morning. We had planned to take the dogs for a walk but the call of the scrambled eggs on toast was too strong!! she'd forgotten that her dogs had an appointment at the groomers so we decided to just have breakfast instead. 
It's been months since I've seen Mrs A and it was lovely to get together again. 
Blimey I've just checked back through Blip and it was January 30th that we last met up. Where does the time go?!!
After a quick lunch at home it was time to set off to watch Miss L in her swimming gala. For the first time today in ages I had a clash with the Little Misses' activities and for the first time ever I couldn't come up with a solution!!
Miss L had her gala between 3pm and 5pm and Miss E needs collecting from school at 4pm and her rock climbing starts at 5pm. An added complication was the fact that we were going to McDonalds afterwards with Mr E to celebrate his birthday. Miss E has been counting down the seconds!!
No matter how hard I tried I couldn't come up with a solution. It was like the farmer with the fox and the grain and the chicken!!
In the end my mum came to the rescue and while I was off cheering Miss L and her team on she collected Miss E for me and took her over to rock climbing. She couldn't stay but Mr E's mum, Mrs C, was there so I knew Miss E would be OK until l got there if there was an emergency!
Miss L's team did so well at the swimming losing the gala by one point. One point!!!!! You'd think they could have made it a draw!!! I did get a bit cross - because Miss L got upset and that's guaranteed to make me cross!! - that she only swam in a couple of events and had to sit and watch others take part in race after race. I'm really not a mum who thinks her little darling should be the star of the show at all times but it needs to be fair. It didn't seem to be based on swimming ability. Miss L will just say she doesn't want to go to the next one and I can't really blame her. But moaning aside they all did brilliantly and were giddy to have come so close. Usually when we go to that school we get hammered!!
Beaten I should clarify, rather than blind drink!!
From there we went over to rock climbing and were reunited with Miss E.
It was dark when we left climbing - a sure sign that Winter is Coming. Sigh.
Mr E came in our car to McDonalds - all of four hundred yards! They all went off to play on iPads and ignore each other (having looked forward to it all week!!!!) leaving Mrs C and I to chat.
Then it was home to collapse into bed. I'm sleepy!

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