Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


As you can see from little Tufty Titmouse's expression, things have taken a turn for the worse in the the Squirrel's Union 586 negotiations. Actually, from Tufty's viewpoint, things have taken a turn for the better since the squirrels have walked away from the bargaining table. This left the door feeders open for the feathered folk to spend a day of feasting. In addition to the elusive and shy Harry the Hairy Woodpecker (looking like the Downy woodpecker but larger and with a longer beak), Mr Grumpy Red-wing made an unexpected visit to the Bistro today.

Things got really shocking, though, when Goldie flung herself off the feeder in an unexpected show of solidarity with the striking squirrels! Everyone was aghast!

I'm delighted that you are enjoying the Tales from Tallyho and want to say "Thanks" for the hearts and stars and comments for yesterday's blip. Sometimes when I look at the pictures I've taken, stories just pop into my head - I'm glad you like them.

Jeez, I can't believe our 4-day weekend is just about at an end ... how did THAT happen???

Happy Sunday ...


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