Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Well, just when I didn't think things could get any worse ... the squirrels have taken their strike tactics to a new low high. I mean, can you believe this??? I fixed the peanut dispenser and hung it from the gazebo frame on the deck, mistakenly thinking that it might deter the little gangsters. No, it merely provided them with new opportunities for cuteness tomfoolery. Jezebel Jay was so horrified that her hair turned blue and stood straight up. While Jedediah Jay decided that he would try to eat ALL the peanuts himself. Really, the situation is going straight down the tubes here on Tallyho. I am thinking of asking Harry Hairy if he can arbitrate. He doesn't seem to like peanuts, so perhaps he'd be a neutral party...

Meanwhile, the elder jays are shocked and horrified. I mean, look what they are contending with here with Extreme Sylvia! It is beyond appalling.

I am going to have to give serious thought as to how to handle this situation. Five squirrels against one woman seems a tad unfair, don't you think? And I am still not entirely sure I can trust the blue jays ... what's a human to do?

Signing off from Tallyho ...


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