Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Shocking News from the Lane

You can tell that the birds are all abuzz about the latest juicy bit of news from the Lane...

In the words of our intrepid finch-reporter, here's what happened...

The human opened up the big doors to the outside world this morning for reasons known only to herself...

The birds sent an emissary to cover the story, a Carolina Wren since they are known for being tireless little investigators. And they are small, so they can get into lots of tricky places virtually unnoticed...

The Wren, eager to earn his reporting credentials, rushed to the scene...and when the human opened the small door into the warm place, he flew right in, over the human's head.

The human overreacted and tried to snatch the intrepid Wren - but our fearless wren was having none of it and he flew into the place where the humans cook...

Yikes. No good, evidence of chickens having been consumed sometime recently.

Fly into the big room with the little trees. Try to hide in ficus. Oh no! Human isn't easily foiled and finds the wren. Fly back to kitchen, and take a seat at the table. Nope, that won't work.

And what are those two creatures up on the landing, looking terrified and cowering? OMG, the human must be dangerous!! Must try to fly into another part of this horrible place.

Hm, this looks promising. (Perches on office chair). Oh, no! The human closed the big thing and now the wren is trapped in a small room. Quick, fly up to the bookshelf and hide amongst the other human's finance books.

Wait! An opening! Fly through and - bingo! - back outside.

Yes, this really happened - I had a tiny Carolina Wren flying around my house, terrified out of its mind while my two cats cowered on the upstairs landing and I dashed around trying to catch the bird. I finally got it to fly out an open window and I heard it singing later so I am assuming all is well. I'm just glad one of the 30 finches that were at the feeders didn't decide to fly in when the window was open. Also glad Hubs was at work as I'm pretty sure he would have been undone by the whole thing.

And that's my news today. Dreary day with intermittent snow flurries. Four alternative shots posted HERE on Flickr, starting with a fat-bottomed girl...

Two sleeps until Thanksgiving!


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