this too, shall pass

By lenah


When I discovered this site I thought thank goodness no train is passing over this bridge any more. So I started walking on the tracks and soon I noticed they were a bit too shiny for being retired. Next thing I feel the ground trembling under my feet and I hear a suspicious noise. Then I see some lights coming around a bend in the distance  towards me so I start running, backwards that is. And then without a chance to select the right settings in my camera I snapped the Beast - actually there were three Beasts and an endless number of freight cars. My heart was pounding for a little while. So glad I left my dog in the car. 

Okay the bridge and tracks are obviously in good shape but the little house on top of the bridge (extra) definitely falls int the category 'derelict'. 
If you have the time look see for yourself.

Thank you Bob and Marlieske for hosting the challenges. 

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