By strawhouse

Walking the Dog

I've driven about five thousand miles today. It's been a fun but exhausting day!!
First of all it was to Bicester for my Sing and Sign lessons, then it was home to take Archie out for a walk before a very quick lunch and setting off to watch Miss E play hockey at a school near Aylesbury.
I say near Aylesbury. It looked near Aylesbury on the map.
It was not near Aylesbury at all. It was in the back end of nowhere and took hours to get to!! One of those annoying places that you get near to quite quickly but then the last few miles take forever.
Anyway, I got there eventually and went into the school reception announcing that I was from (Miss L's school) and was here to watch the hockey.
The woman looked through a few bits of paper, looked at me, looked a bit confused and looked at the papers again.
Oh shit, I thought, it's a home match and I've just driven all the way here for no reason.
I'm really sorry she said.......
Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!!!!
..... We've only got a match against (Miss E's school) down.
Oh yes I said, that's me, I meant that school sorry!!!!
She looked a bit dubious that I could forget which school my child goes to so I had to explain I have one at each.
I look like some nutter that drives round the country looking for random schools to cheer on!!
In the end she showed me the way to the astroturf and I had a very pleasant hour in the baking sun watching them play. We got beaten 8-2 but they tries hard and played well!
I was the only mum who had turned up - because everyone else obviously knew the school was in the back end of nowhere and took hours to get to - which I think Miss E was simultaneously pleased and embarrassed about!!
We had to drive like the clappers* to get back in time to get Miss L but we made it by the skin of our teeth.
Then there was just time to sit and have a cup of tea, cook dinner for the Little Misses and then get back in the car to drive back to Bicester.
Miss K and I were long overdue a catch up and a takeaway so it was lovely to see her. And eat chicken biryani!!
It was straight to bed with me when I got home. So sleepy!!!

*carefully and responsibly, keeping within the speed limit at all times.

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