Silly Saturday?

Is it silly to have a hedgehog hospital? Well it may sound so, but read on!

Moira (a friend of my Editor) runs a local hedgehog hospital and is raising funds for it this afternoon - hence the poster in the photo. Hedgehogs in the UK are in serious trouble: repeated studies have shown that the nation’s favourite animal is being wiped out. Indeed there's currently a national campaign to ensure that all new housing estates have "hedgehog highways" - ie a 13 cm hole in the bottom of all fences to allow hedgehogs to move freely between gardens to find food and find a mate.

It gather that looking after orphaned baby hedgehogs is a labour of love - apparently sometimes they need feeding two-hourly even overnight!

I'm hoping to have the opportunity to take some photos of Moira's hedgehogs before too long, so some of these are likely to appear on a future blip.

(I wish we had more hedgehogs in our garden, to keep the slugs and snails at bay in the veggie patch!)

So you see, a hedgehog hospital isn't silly after all! But I'm still going to tag this for Silly Saturday.

(Note: The wiggles in the fence on which the poster is hung aren't an artefact - it's been hit by an errant vehicle at some stage in the past!)

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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