St Marys, Tadcaster

More work for Mrs madwill this morning - cutting templates and packing kits. Stayed indoors whilst it rained and sleeted outside.

When it stopped we went for our walk - it was b****y freezing! Hat and gloves were definitely needed. A bit of a shock to the system after the recent good weather.

Home for lunch (soup) then off to Tadcaster to collect some items recently ‘clicked’ from Sainsbury’s. Decided to get the makings for a beef casserole for tea - proper winter food.

Wandered round town for a few minutes and thought the church looked rather nice in the afternoon sun. Five minutes later it was persisting down and I beat a hasty retreat home. Made the casserole and put it in the oven for a long slow cook. There will be dumplings (baked) too…

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